Vanilla framework documentation

Vanilla includes a simple navigation bar that you can add to the top of your sites.

The navigation items are collapsed behind a "Menu" link in small screens and displayed horizontally on larger screens.

Note: You can constrain the width of the navigation to match the $grid-max-width by placing everything inside the header element within a .row wrapper.

The background color of a navigation pattern can be set via the $color-navigation-background variable.

View example of the navigation pattern

Tip: You can change the breakpoint at which the menu changes to a small screen menu by adjusting the $breakpoint-navigation-threshold in _settings_breakpoints.scss.

Vanilla also allows you to use a sidebar navigation, with menu items collapsing under section titles in an accordion. This example code will expand to fill the space available to it so it needs to be used in conjunction with the grid to set the layout. This pattern includes a tagline which sits next to the logo.

View example of the sidebar navigation pattern